Friulair improves it’s range of compressed air dryers with the development of the ACT series (Aluminium Cooling Technology), focused to reduce energy consumption. Main features are:

  • low pressure drop even with load variances;
  • low power consumption thanks to the ALU-DRY heat exchanger, high efficiency compressors, innovative hot gas by-pass valve and zero loss drain condensate system (from ACT 180 included);
  • constant pressure Dew Point with differing load conditions;
  • functionally even at maximum working conditions (air inlet 70°C and ambient 50°C)


The ACT series has been designed and built to facilitate any inspection and maintenance operations that may prove
necessary. The hoods are easily removed and offer immediate access to all parts of the system. The clear layout of the
components, the simple composition of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of the wires in the electrical system,
facilitate the operator when carrying out standard controls.

The components of ACT range, from refrigerant to materials of construction, have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.


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