AMD dryers (Aluminium Modular Dryer) are represent by a four-leaf clover which symbolises good luck, wealth and of reaching a point of evolution. The planning and design of this dryer range were not carried out in the conventional way but all inalienable requirements were listed and then satisfied.

The “four clover leaves” that form the AMD dryers are a combination of applying technical solutions to original designs supported by extensive laboratory testing and achieving the goal of innovative development.

AMD dryers achieve excellent performance even in instances of high ambient and high inlet temperatures. The highly efficient and ultra compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45°C and inlet temperatures of 55°C, ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.

AMD dryers are sized to match standard compressor outputs. E.g. a 15 kW (20 HP) air compressor with theoretical output of 2400 l/min at 7 bar matches the AMD 25 rated at 2500 l/min.


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