The Sullair EES® Energy Efficient Systems recovers energy expended while producing compressed air and converts it into a usable source of heat. Heat Recovery Systems.

  • Recovers the heat of compression in the form of make-up air
  • Supplementary heating
  • Annual energy savings up to $16,700


  • Positive pressure make-up air
    • May eliminate the need for additional or alternative make-up systems
  • Pre-engineered factory package
    • Assures system reliability and responsibility through one source
    • High static fans optimize system performance
  • Sound reduction
  • Thermostatic damper package
    • No manual damper adjustments necessary
    • Adjustable make-up air temperature settings
    • Consistent temperature in package and make-up air to plant
  • Constant clean inlet air
    • Minimizes compressor maintenance
  • 10-year Diamond Warranty
    • 10 years on the air end
    • 5 years on the motor, VSD, air/fluid receiver, oil cooler and aftercooler
  • Factory filled with 10,000-hour Genuine Sullube®
    • A 10,000-hour extended-life synthetic fluid powered by Dow technology,
      Sullube has been used in more than 50,000 compressors worldwide


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