Sullair single-stage compressors significantly reduce operating and energy costs over the entire compressor life cycle. Contributing to the energy savings are: Proven Sullair air end with a low restriction inlet valve High efficiency fan Low pressure drop air-fluid separation system that prevent energy loss The Sullair design delivers cost savings for the life of the product. The design’s improved air filtration translates into: Extended separator life Improved fluid filter life Less lubricant contamination


  • Horsepower: 125-150 hp
  • Capacity: 457-752 acfm
  • Pressure: 100-175 psig


  • Sullair Supervisor™ Controller
  • Direct Coupled
  • Highly Efficient Air/Fluid Separation–MSS
  • Fiberglass Fluid filter
  • Optimalair™ Inlet Air Filter
  • Sullube 8000™ Hour Compressor Fluid
  • Optimizer™ Separator
  • Bearing Fluid Reservoirs—BFRs
  • Full Voltage Starter
  • ODP Premium Efficiency Motor
  • Emerald 5-Year Health Assurance
  • Sullair’s Versatile Control System–VCS
  • Food Grade Compressor Fluid
  • Wye Delta Starter
  • Solid State Starter
  • TEFC Premium Efficiency Motor
  • 24 KT™ (10-Year Air End Warranty)
  • Enclosure
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Energy Efficiency System–EES


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