Medical Vacuum Filters – MV

Medical vacuum filters are specifically designed to protect the vacuum pump from liquid, solid and bacterial contamination.

M-Plus Filtration design and manufacture a comprehensive range of medical vacuum filters for centralized hospital vacuum plant installations as specified in the UK standard HTM2022.

The M-Plus ranges of medical vacuum filters are designed to protect these installations from liquid, solid and bacterial contamination. Liquids are collected in a transparent drain flask which can be easily removed for sterilization. Models MV020-MV500 incorporates the unique M-Plus designed ‘push-on’ filter element.

This reduces maintenance time and allows the filter to be located in the most confined spaces.

The MV grade filter elements incorporate a pre filter and low pressure loss filter to remove solid and bacterial contamination.

They use high efficiency borosilicate glass microfibre media to remove all dirt particles. All elements include stainless steel metalwork and are fitted with an external pre filter layer of 80 p.p.i., open cell reticulated polyester foam. These filters are a proven success and now include such features as differential pressure indicators which are a specific requirement of the HTM2022 medical gas pipeline specification.

The efficiency of the installed filter elements exceeds the 0.005% penetration specified in HTM2022 for infectious disease unit, when tested in accordance with BS3928.


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