Sullair TSR Series Air Compressors are designed for the rental industry with energy savings and features built-in to the Sullair TSR Electric rental packages.


  • Capacity: 784 to 1600 acfm (22.2 to 45.3 m3/min, 370 to 755 L/s)
  • Pressure: 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)
  • Operating temperature range of 20°F to 120°F (-6.6°C to 48.9°C)


  • Self-contained package
  • Cold weather protection
  • Suited for use outdoors
  • Sullair’s spiral valve
  • Premium efficiency TEFC flanged motor
  • Supervisor™ Microprocessor Controller
  • Oil field skid
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Heavy-duty sound-attenuated enclosure
  • Easy-access doors
  • Heavy-duty air inlet filter
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled packages (water-cooled available on TSR-32 only)
  • Variable speed drive or fixed speed drive (fixed-speed drive available on TSR-32 only)
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • Fully automated controls
  • Cam lock connections
  • Multi-stage air/fluid separation
  • Low fluid carry-over—1 ppm maximum
  • Spin-on fiberglass fluid filter
  • Helical design drive gears (TSR-20 only)
  • Bearing fluid reservoirs (TSR-20 only)
  • Spill-proof base plate (TSR-32 only)
  • RS232 and RS485 ports for communications and remote monitoring (TSR-32 only)


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